• Mother of twins
  • 1st professional female surfer in Portugal
  • Kids&Teens Coach
  • Awareness Facilitator
  • Co-founder of Chill In Surfhouse Ericeira
  • Mechanical engineering degree


Despite the obstacles, she chose to fulfill her dream and became the 1st Professional Female Surfer in Portugal

At the same time that she was competing, Joana, together with her sister Rita, founded the first European company to organize events for the 6-star Women’s World Surfing Championship and for 13 years “ROCKSISTERS” trained more than 2,000 surfers!

Joana Rocha has become one of the greatest ambassadors of national surfing and in her curriculum she has several titles, of which the Junior National x2 Champion, National Open Champion, representation on the national team for 6 times, with emphasis on the conquest of x2 European champion and his 16th place in the ISA world cup.


In recent years Joana has followed her heart again, started a new career in the field of personal development and has supported children and teenagers to become more authentic and courageous human beings in the pursuit of their dreams.

Joana Rocha has training as a Surfing Coach level II by Lusófuna University, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Sports Mental Coaching, Meditation Facilitator and Emotional Support for children, Kids&Teens Coaching by Instituto de Crescimento Infanto Juvenil from Brazil and as an Awareness Facilitator, by Working with Satya Training School, a training in psychocorporal therapy with a focus on awakening awareness


Top 36 World Qualifying Series WQS 2011

19th World Qualifying Series WQS – Azores 2011

Top 45 World Qualifying Series WQS 2010

National Surfing Champion 2009

5th World Qualifying Series WQS – Peru 2009

5th Europe Region World Qualifying Series 2009

6x Representing Portugal on the National Team – 2003 (Canary Islands), 2005 (Portugal), 2006 (EUA), 2007 (France), 2008 (Portugal), 2009 (New Jersey)

16th on ISA World Surfing Games 2008

3rd Eurosurf Championships 2007

2x European Champions 2005 (Portugal) and 2007 (France)

3x National Championship Runner Up 2004, 2005 and 2006

2x Junior National Champion 1998 and 1999