Ericeira, PORTUGAL

July & August 2024

Kids & Teens

For kids & teens

Surf and Emotional Intelligence camps in Ericeira

Working with Satya Kids&Teens is about to come in 2024 with the most waiting Surf and Emotional Intelligence camps of the year. The Awareness Facilitator Joana Rocha will host 5 SUMMER CAMPS between July and August with a team of 6 professional surf teachers, 8 amazing  monitors and more 4 staff members to support around 20 kids or teens in each camp.

It’s a 5 days camp program where we will divide each day with surfing, emotional intelligence and lots of magic!!!


5 days / 4 nights

The program

During the 5 days we will work on the 5 pillars of emotional intelligenceself-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

We also bring surfing into the program as an adrenaline component, a sport that most of the kids and teens enjoy and the best exemple of resilience

The program will be in
Portuguese and in English
(if needed).

Learning from the kids & teens

The purpose of the camps

Surfing during the camps

Activities during the Camps

What's included?

Our camps start on Monday at 10am and end on Friday at 5pm.


5 surf lessons + 5 emotional intelligence afternoons + free access to 40 Emotional Intelligence online activities


4 nights in a shared room for 20 kids/teens with supervisor in a typical Portuguese family house in Ericeira


All the meals - Healthy homemade breakfasts, lunchs, dinners & snacks

Professional surfing photos

To remember your surf camp

1h talk with parents

With tools to use on daily life on Friday 4pm.

Max 20 participants / Camp

Limited groups to guarantee full attention to the kids & teens during the camp

Not included

We do not provide transportation to Ericeira
We do not provide insurance (only for surf lessons)

Get ready for the camp!

To participate fill the form and don’t forget to bring with you:

  • Swimsuit
  • Beach and Shower towel
  • Sun cream
  • Beach slippers
  • Water bottle
  • Beach bag
  • Walking shoes (tennis)


These camps are a true game changer for the kid’s life. All activities are specially prepared for the kid to flourish his authenticity, confidence, passion for life and feel comfortable with himself and his peers. With surfing and emotional intelligence activities, children will experience every step of the way!


Designed for pre-teens and teenagers from 11 to 17 years old, these camps are entirely dedicated to each other’s authenticity and the strength of the group. What is magical about themselves and how each one of them can help the other to shine.


This time parents participate! There will be a moment just for parents.  Of course, only for those who want to participate, but believe me it will be 1 hour of fun, sharing tools that will help you to create an environment of true family connection.

Surf camp Ericeira
Surf camp Ericeira
Surf camp Ericeira
Surf camp Ericeira
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